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The first escape Room to open In Urbana, Ohio; Decode Zone offers fun for the whole family - without breaking the bank! Offering a wide variety of puzzles, riddles, and enigmas in each room - You'll be seeking out clues as soon as you enter the room. 
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Our Escape Rooms


There are several rooms and themes to pick from at Decode Zone. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for the ultimate challenge, or you want a fun activity for the whole family, our variety of rooms cater to all types of players. Keep reading to learn more about each of our escape rooms, and get in touch to book with us.

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The Classroom

Your homework is late and you've snuck into the classroom to try and turn it in without the teacher noticing. The door shuts and locks as you make your move and you need to get out before anyone notices. You have 1 hour before the teacher's lunch is over and you're caught red handed! You must find the teacher's badge and the hall pass in order to open the door.


This room is suitable for all ages but its recommended all participants be 6 and up for an enjoyable experience.  Room is for 2-6 players.

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The Evil Wizard's Plan

You are an adventurer in a medieval realm and notice a recently ransacked village. An evil wizard has been terrorizing the local towns searching for elemental runes to boost his powers. So far he has collected 4 of the 5 elemental runes and is attempting to get the final one. You sneak into his lair in search of clues as to how to stop him as his powers have already grown nearly unstoppable. Will you be able to save the world from an all powerful being?

This room is suitable for all ages but parental discretion is advised, due to how dark the room is and some elements that might be perceived as scary.   Room is for 2-6 players.

We feel this is our hardest room and should be attempted with a large group or an experienced group.

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The Haunted Mansion

You're a relator in a small town and have been given exclusive access to this "Haunted Mansion" everyone in town seems to be afraid of. You're handed a ring of keys from the previous owner and it is your job to explore the house and get this mansion listed on the market. You quickly discover that there may be some truth to this "Haunted Mansion" thing after all.

This room is suitable for all ages but parental discretion is advised, due to the low light in this room and some elements that might be considered scary.  Room is for 2-6 players.

Coming Soon Neon Light

Coming Soon!

We have three rooms up and coming! The Mad Scientist, The Prince's Problem and The Abandoned House.


Our Hours


Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 11pm

Special hours available by request! 

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Check out a few of the most common questions we have received from our players. Hopefully you can find the answer you’re looking for. If not, let us know and we’ll do our best to find out for you. Every question and comment is important to us no matter how simple or complex, so don’t hesitate in reaching out if you need additional help.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

Absolutely not! All rooms are booked for a private group experience. A maximum of 6 people per room will allow everyone room to spread out and enjoy themselves, but still be amongst friends.

Are all rooms suitable for children?

Yes! All of our rooms are considered all ages - although we do recommend a minimum of 6 years old. Some rooms are a little more of a scary or serious concept, and while those rooms are still considered all ages, we do recommend a parent or guardian be with the child.

Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

No! The door will always be able to be opened, even though we don't recommend opening it unless there is an emergency! There are props that give the illusion of it being actually locked, but it will remain unlocked.

What should I bring with me?

Nothing! We don't allow food or drink in the rooms and you won't really need anything. Cell phones are allowed as the flashlights and calculators may be useful for some puzzles but will not be necessary as everything you need will be supplied. We ask that people refrain from the use of phones while in the room - just to make sure everyone is immersed in the scenario and not distracted.

How long will the experience take?

All of our rooms have been designed to be completed in 45-60 minutes. We do ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to check in, go over the rules, and prepare for the room. We also like to take pictures at the end for our social media pages and for you to share with friends and family. Overall, plan on about 90 minutes from arrival.

What if I have more than 6 people?

Contact us! We can figure out something to get your large group booked in! We've designed each room to be for 2-6 people so that everyone has space and can enjoy themselves and participate, but we are more than willing to work out something for a bigger group!

What if your hours don't work with my schedule?

Contact us! We can schedule private events! We also can add additional regular hours if there is enough interest!


Contact Decode Zone


Call or Text (937) 738-1422

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